Walls, wind and water

The wind wasn’t stopped. Nor were the birds nor the waves. The sand was blown back and forth and the same plants grew on both sides. It was only the people who were prevented from crossing across the border. I was with around 400 religious leaders from across the country last week just south of San Diego on the border between Mexico and the United States. It’s a unique spot where a twenty-foot high fence cuts the beach in half and goes down into the ocean. There were armed border patrol agents in combat gear. Other agents were on the … Continue reading Walls, wind and water

Candle #2: Peace

Dear God: There was a time it seemed trite, sentimental, idealistic to talk about peace. The comfortable understand it as a right. The uncomfortable understand it as a lie. It is a problem of others in other places or a plaintive cry in the night or yelled out with a raised fist: “No justice! No peace!” When we light this candle, who is lighting it? When we light this candle, who might we be lighting it for? Amen. Continue reading Candle #2: Peace