As morning breaks…

Dear Siblings in Christ:
As this morning breaks, I’m thinking about all of you. We have all had to learn so much over the last few weeks to adapt to this pandemic season and we’ll learn more about worshipping together and being apart from each other this Sunday morning, too.

Bill Grace worked with our conference in my early days here and he’s become a good friend. In his and Patricia Hughes’ book, Gracious Space they talk about the idea of “learning in public.” Essentially, this idea recognizes that there are somethings that we can only learn when we’re together so, in those moments, it is up to the whole community to respond to what is being learned with respect, humility, and grace. 

We are doing this well. This year, this is our Lenten practice.

A Blessed Lent to each of you. May today be a day filled with respect, humility, and grace.

With hope,