A prayer for this morning…

Dear God:

We feel dizzy from holding our collective breath. There are uncertain words hanging in the air like smoke. We cannot avoid them. They color everything we see.

Help us take this moment to rest in you; to re-center ourselves; to hear you whisper words of hope and comfort in our ears.

Help us to rest in you; to trust your love for us in the middle of hardships and heartaches; to cry on your shoulder; to pound our fists with grief and rage.

Help us to rest in you; to feel your presence; to feel your strength; to be loved and loved and loved into Loving.

Help us to know that one of the ways you love the world is through our choice to love. Open our hearts to be loved so much that your love flows and cleanses and heals and nurtures and embraces and releases and comforts and hopes and endures.

Help us to be open to your love so that we can share your love.