Candle #3

Dear God:

“Because of” joy is delicious.

It’s that gift that feels like laughing with a child.

It is a song that makes you move.

It is open armed spinning in a field in the summer.

It is that meal that was surprisingly and deeply satisfying.

It is the problem solved;

that quiet morning before everyone is awake and the clock ticks and the sun is rising – brilliant orange, vibrant red and advent candle pink and you have no question that you

Are alive.

“In spite of” joy…

That one feels like turning the world upside down.

It is the joy of

The promise of joy.

It is the subtext of protest and revolution.

It is why we quit something that needs quitting.

It is the freedom, the healing, the peace, yet to come;

that quiet morning after a sleepless night when the world is asleep and the realness of life is on the verge of rising – fire orange, blood red and transitional like advent candle pink when you remember you

Are alive.