Monday Marks Reflection (1/7/19): Engaging in mission and outreach.

I’ve been doing this reflection for a while on Facebook and am going to try it here, too. A few years ago now, the United Church of Christ endorsed The Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers through a resolution of the General Synod. Over the years, the use of these marks has spread more widely as the basis of lots of resources and more deeply as a tool for reflection and discernment with those in ministry or considering ministry in the UCC. I’d started to use this as a tool for reflection a year or so ago and, several months ago, began to invite that practice on Facebook. I’m going to try and continue this, here.

Engaging in mission and outreach.

This one is a tricky one. It stands alone, here, and carries with it the weight of years of mission and outreach work that, by some, was used as a vehicle of white, Christian supremacy. Within the context of the other marks and many others, mission and outreach work was an expression of great love, compassion and the desire to serve.

How have you experienced mission and outreach?

How are you called to live it out?